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Much of the strength of our company’s performance is in our pre-construction capabilities. We have the ability to provide the most comprehensive estimating and value analysis of information throughout the design process. We provide our customers with one-on-one visits, assisting in layout options that will provide the maximum use of space, while allowing flexibility for years to come.


Our ability to offer customer full-size layout drawings is just another way that we can assist. Utilizing AutoCAD, we offer floor plan and elevation views, as well as isometrics and 3-Dimensional views of your “space”. These drawings offer a look into how the lab, classroom, or office will look when all of your equipment is in place.

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Our estimating efforts are based on the use of accurate cost data on all of our products. Our ability to estimate correctly the first time leads to the development of an early budget. A dependable budget increases accuracy in all subsequent project cost estimating.

Project Management

We provide full-time project management support for all projects. We offer not only a project manager, but also a full-time field manager to review the job site prior to delivery, thus offering the key to a good job – working closely with the customer and understanding the project in detail.


We offer installation services on all our products. Factory trained installers, managed under our supervision, provide excellent problem solving solutions to the most difficult job site conditions. The end result is a project completed on time, within budget, and a finished product that everyone can be proud of.