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Signature Services

Make your Gym Floor Shine!

Whether it’s time for your gym floor’s yearly maintenance or you just want to update your look, we can help! Protecting your hardwood floors on an annual basis is critical to the overall longevity of your floor. A fresh coat of finish will protect your hardwood flooring, game line paint and logos! Do you want to add a logo? Our graphic department can help!

Does your floor look brown and dull? Is the finish peeling? We can give you that “New Floor” look at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Sanding your floor to bare wood, removing all of the old finish, game lines and logos will brighten up your facility, update your colors and logos and breathe new life into your facility. Call us today!!

Click Here to see a Flooring Before and After example

Update your floor by adding a logo! We can design a new logo and lettering for your existing floor. Bring new life into your facility. Let us help you turn your facility into the envy of all of your rivals! Call us today!

Bleacher Safety!

Our service department is factory certified to inspect and repair Hussey Seating bleachers. Working with Hussey Advantage, we have access to thousands of parts that will keep your old bleachers running smoothly. We will inspect your bleachers and supply you with a list of parts that are required to keep your bleachers in working order. Call us today!